Monday, 28 November 2011

Nakedness, talking lobsters and exploding trolleys

Hold tight this jumps all over the place. Even I had trouble getting to grips with this one.
Initially I'm with a female in my old flat that I lived in when I first left home. I Know her but don't recognise her. My living room has been cleverly transformed into a swimming pool and I enjoy the heated water for a while and then leave.
I'm next on the platform of the underground station near to my mums house. Clearly I'd enjoyed the swimming pool so much that I have neglected to put my clothes on and I'm completely naked strolling down the platform.
At this point I start to develop a condition sometimes referred to as morning glory.
Slightly embarrassed by this I decide my best course of action is to cover up the issue by laying on my front. This seems to work as no one finds it in the slightest bit odd that a naked man is conducting himself in this manner. I get on the train once my problem has subsided and journey to a house where I can see a female inside.
I want to get inside but can't find the door. My mobile phone rings to the tune of 'the boys are back in town' by Thin Lizzy. Upon taking the call I am informed that I have defaulted on a loan and my ex wife is now liable for the payments. I ponder this for a while and laugh. Heartily.
Finally I arrive at a supermarket only to be blocked by an armoured tank. This doesn't cause me many problem as I have a rocket launcher with me and proceed to blow it up, but unfortunately miss and blow up the trolley collection point.
Making haste into the supermarket I start to wander around and find an aquarium of live food for sale.
Lobsters and fish and a duck swimming on top.
I decide to liberate the duck and set him free, saving him from being eaten. The rest of the inhabitants of the tank then want to be freed and jump out of the tank and start to chase me shouting, "save me, save me".
I look back to see a one armed lobster, a fish with legs and a huge mass of black fish eggs all running after me.
This is the point where I awoke somewhat concerned.
I still have that song in my head too.

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