Thursday, 3 November 2011

Mr Bean RIP

Unfortunately poor Mr Bean meets his maker in this one.
I have for unknown reasons killed Mr Bean by repeatedly stabbing him with a large carving knife.
Now I have nothing against Mr Bean and have never had any thoughts of doing him harm.
Once the premeditated murder of one of Britain's best loved comics had been carried out in cold blood I then needed to cover my actions.
I did this by wandering around a derelict house with poor Mr Bean rolled up in a carpet in best murder mystery style.
I kept bumping into lots of different people which was a bit odd for an abandoned house, but not one of them asked me why I had a large rolled up carpet over my shoulder.
I don't know if I managed to dispose of the evidence, most of my dreams as you will see, have no ending, no structure or indeed make no sense.

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