Thursday, 17 November 2011

Killer ex wife

Bit of a nightmare rather than a dream as it involves my ex wife.
She has devised a plan to kill me and anyone else that may stand in her way of my demise. It is set in a very grand stately home that has so many elaborate rooms that she has been able to go about her grisly plan undetected.
She has managed to kidnap me and is watching my every move thus making any of my attempts to summons help futile.
She has stabbed the professor in the west wing dinning hall and he is bound and gagged to a chair slowing bleeding to death.
The professor is actor Richard Griffiths who's picture is below for those who don't know him. In an attempt to alert my friends I leave a coded message in magnetic fridge letters on the kitchen fridge where to find him but it's so well coded no one understands it.
I'm in my car and attempt to text a message but psycho ex is looking at me with evil piercing eyes so I have to stop.
Next I'm free of the evil one and I'm back in my old bedroom at my mums house. I'm sorting out all my property in that I'm removing anything that I don't want my ex to lay claim to in the divorce settlement. I remove a pair of garden edge grass trimmers and say to myself 'the bitch isn't getting those'
Weird as I don't own any grass trimmers but could do with some.

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