Friday, 25 November 2011

Junk yard killer robots & mystery package

This starts off in the driveway of a work colleague called Neil. Its just narrow enough to walk past the parked cars that are nose to tail from the street to his house. All the cars are partly dismantled or just a shell. It resembles a junk yard and there are about 15 cars.
There is a package there that Neil asks me to post to Kenya for him and he gives me £20.
I start chatting to Neil and suddenly become aware that the cars are moving and mutating into robots. Both Neil and myself recognise this as somewhat abnormal and decide the best course of action is to run away.
We are chased by the robots across the street and onto the roof of a factory. The roof has a glass window at both ends of it and looking down into the factory we can see the robots inside.
Now they are not transformers or any kind of advanced cyber creature, they are 1960's style TV robots on wheels with flashing eyes and are square and made of silver metal.
Despite their retro look we know we are going to meet our demise should they catch us.
Looking at the grounds of the factory there are more of them looking up at us doing their Peter Crouch dance.
I see an over hanging tree from the next property and we jump on the branches escaping our robotic nightmare.
I'm next at my mums next door neighbours house, minus Neil and I attend to a knock on the door. I'm met by a courier who hands me the same package Neil had asked me to post.
It's at this point I woke, so the mystery of the contents of the package still remains! Doh!

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