Monday, 14 November 2011

Howdy cowboy

For last nights slumbered adventure I was transported back to the American wild west.
For those of you that know my identity the people that were participants of the dream, may amuse you slightly, everyone else, it won't have any relevance.
Myself and my work colleague Jim were going to the railroad station to meet someone for work purposes.
I appeared dressed normally but Jim had got the cowboy theme totally wrong and was dressed in a suit, long trench cost and big Hat in the style of Humphrey Bogart from 1930's America, private eye.
We walked into the location through long wet grass and poor ill dressed Jim had a very soggy coat when we arrived and the shine had gone from his highly polished shoes and his trousers turn ups had lost their crease.
Once in the station we found two other work colleagues in the waiting room on the platform. As I looked at Jim he had been replaced by my wife and she thankfully was more suitably dressed.
In the waiting room was an old man. Richy was dressed in the cowboy style of the old saloon drunk, missing teeth, dirty clothes and smelt like he needed a bath. He was making advances towards a lone female teenager in the room that we also work with. She was acting like a stereotypical moody teen and had the attitude to go with it.
Myself and my wife being good Samaritans decide to save said moody child from the whiskey abusing town drunk and take her outside to get on the train. (Big American steam train with the driver wearing the Casey Jones hat) The train is a private hire taxi and we load up into it. Although the driver is an Asian male and the Casey Jones hat doesn't become him.
At this point I decide I really need to urinate and start to use the well equipped taxi urinal fitted in the back seat. It is at this point I awoke in desperate need of the toilet.
Fortunately my bed was dry.

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