Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hong Kong via Nottingham

In this one and this is last nights dream, I visit my Auntie in Hong Kong. Now I neither have an Auntie in Hong Kong and have never visited the place. But in my head Hong Kong looks exactly like Nottingham, where I have visited so I recognised it. The only difference being everyone there was from Hong Kong, so that's why I was in Hong Kong. Right that's cleared that up.
My Auntie, who I didn't recognise but just knew she was my Auntie, had several children and lived in the smallest house that was very cramped.
All the children slept in one room all in age and size order in a row of beds. The room was a narrow corridor with no door that led into the toilet.
My Auntie showed me to the room to show me my bed but walked ahead of me and into the toilet. Said Auntie then due to the cramped area surrounding the loo, stood up and wee'd all over the toilet seat!
I was naturally disturbed at this and left, walking out into the night streets of Hong Hong.
I walked through a narrow bricked passageway and there was a Edwardian style gentleman in a top hat trying to sell Christmas goods.
As I walked on I was aware that I was carrying a camera around my neck and became frightened that someone would steal it from me, but then noticed that everyone in the street also had a camera around their necks, all bigger and better than the one I had.
I do have a camera.

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