Monday, 7 November 2011

Glass elevator

I was standing at the crossing on a street called Lumley Road in Skegness. I know this as I did actually live there some years ago.
As the lights change to red and the little green man appears I start to walk across only to be almost run down by a car. It drives along a bit further before mounting the pavement and a very drunk male falls out of the drivers seat and attempts to buy more drink from the shop.
I shout at him and then let him get back in his car and drive off.
I then seem to be in a glass elevator just like in Willy Wonka, (second recent connection with this classic film). It comes out in a vast London shopping centre where I unsuccessfully don't find the two small hand towels I'm looking to buy for the utility toilet, (really am looking for these).
The rest of the dream is a little messed up in that it swaps around between me being in my mothers back garden, laying in bed and randomly wandering around London lost.

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