Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Flying cats and motorbikes

A bit of a mixed bag of events last night in that it jumped from different events slightly.
First off I'm walking along a road in my home town watching the birds hoping from tree to tree, but some of them are cats and I watch in bemusement at them flying.
I'm then hurtling at full speed on a motorbike, which worries me somewhat as I have never learnt how to master one. This shows on my face and I spend an age hanging on for all I'm worth before being able to stop the machine at a bikers cafe.
The cafe is in darkness and I can hear the owner snoring out the back so I leave.
I'm then find that I'm working in a factory but it's break time.
I'm then back at the hairy bikers cafe and it's rammed. I can't move there are so many people in there and I'm aware that I will never get served in time before having to go back to work.
All in all a fairly normal dream, if you discount the airborne felines.

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