Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Flat caps, phones & motorcycles

The setting is the street where I grew up but I'm not in my old house although I can see it from where I am across the road on the site of my old school. The school being long since demolished.
I'm looking out onto the road and motorbikes are driving passed. It's a damp Grey autumn evening.
I notice one that has broken down but the rider is still riding it along the road pushing it with his feet. He is wearing a flat cap.
My work colleague Craig appears and decides to ring for help to assist the stricken motorcyclist.
There is only an old style dial phone and Craig doesn't know how to use it. I then go on about back in the old days and the very first phones despite not knowing what I'm talking about.
I am then back in my old childhood bedroom and can hear a party in the next bedroom. I can hear a lot of people trying to calm a distressed work colleague called Jo. Jo then comes into my room in tears and I then proceed to tell her about the type of quilt on my bed and the history of quilts again not knowing what I'm on about.
Anyway my uneducated waffling has the desired result and Jo calms down.
Quilts by the way, first called Duvets were first made from down feathers of the Eider duck and are thought to have originated in rural Europe. Hence the name Eiderdown.

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