Thursday, 24 November 2011

Electronic takeaway

Once again I am in my old childhood bedroom.
This time with a school friend but we are both adults and I don't recognise him but just know that he is a friend.
Set out along one wall is an elaborate display cabinet packed full of the latest electronic gadgets.
They are all displayed in size and colour order and I am proudly showing them off to my unknown friend.
He offers me a cigarette but I explain that I no longer smoke but I will go and fetch a Chinese takeaway instead.
On the way to the takeaway I see my younger sister, I stop and chat but become aware of a stabbing pain in my back but there is nothing there.
I arrive at the takeaway only to find that they are not open as they have a private function planned. I look through the window at an elaborate mouthwatering presentation of oriental cuisine, I start to dribble saliva down my chin. It's not a pretty sight and a very displeased cook shouts at me to go away.
Just a chicken ball, that's all I wanted. Bad times.

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