Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Drug addicts, ghettos and Butlins

This begins with me walking through a deprived Yorkshire town. The street is run down, there is rubbish all around, boarded up windows on the disheveled houses and it's dark, grey and depressing.
I on the other hand have a very large bundle of cash in a plastic bag, I'm dressed in a smart suit and seem very well off.
I enter one of the houses. Inside there are two very large guard dogs that both ignore me as I walk further into the cluttered mess. There is an overwhelming odour of urine.
A man clearly addicted to drugs, enters the room amazed that his dogs let me in.
He shows signs of years of abuse and there is evidence of drug use all around the slum of a house.
I hand him the cash and leave! Glad this was a dream.
I enter another room, which is not in the same house and see a naked female laying on a bed. She is sleeping and I decide to wake her by gently licking and sucking at her nipples which become erect. This section of the dream is over far to quickly for my liking as next I'm entering Butlins holiday village in Skegness!
There is an Easter baby competition which I enter two babies into dressed in pink bunny suits that I have kept in a suitcase. My younger sister is there and is annoyed that I kept the infants in a suitcase, but they seemed happy enough.
I go for a walk around the holiday village and see Mohammed Ali laying on the floor and he is shouting "I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee". It is apparent to me that to get over his debilitating brain disease he lays on the floor and this allows him to be able to function normally.

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