Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Carry on in miniature

Another slightly mixed bag of events from last night.
I begin by being on the inside of a cinema. Not a multi cinema, the old style single screen ones and it's closed. There is a large impatient crowd outside singing 'why are we waiting'. A female opens the double doors and the crowd surge in as I run out in the opposite direction into the street and I'm looking for someone.
I find who I am looking for, it is a perfectly in proportionate female but in miniature. She is about 3 feet tall but has absurdly oversized boobs, is dressed as a whore and has high heels on making her 3 feet 6 inches tall, she has a cigarette out the corner of her mouth.
I give her the options of the 3 films showing which are a love film, a French subtitled film or the new Carry on film, but I tell her to hurry as they are all about to start. Which is odd as there is only one screen. We decide on the carry film and run excitedly into the cinema.
To our disappointment the film contains none of the regular cast and shows an actor on a train which just isn't funny.
I am then outside a house watching some colleagues trying to deal with an ongoing domestic situation. I step in, tell the male in the house to leave and then notice that the two sisters there have a miniature Jack Russell that is the size of a toy. My own Jack Russell is with me, ( normal proportions ) and they play while I convince the sisters to leave the man I had previously sent away and start a lesbian relationship despite being related. ( It's a dream, I can have no morals ).
I then leave with my dog and enter a garden that is enclosed with the netting that surrounds those huge trampolines. The entire garden is a trampoline and myself and my dog start to bounce on it, my dog particularly enjoying the experience as he was shouting 'weeeeee' as he bounced.

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