Thursday, 10 November 2011

Carpets and Pakistani Justin Bieber

I'm in a huge store that sells everything, walking through the carpet department with my wife and a friend, we are collecting carpet samples.
Our friend starts to cut large pieces of carpet from the big rolls, these pieces are large enough to carpet a whole room and I voice my concern that these are not really samples. Both my wife and friend state that it's fine and we leave the store with enough carpet to cover our entire house without making payment for any of it.
I then appear to be a gas service engineer and I'm in the home of a Pakistani family who are having trouble with their cooker.
I totally dismantle the cooker under the watchful eye if the entire family and they are all talking in their own language and I feel under pressure as I have no idea what I'm doing.
I pull out the cooker and stuck on the back is a poster of Justin Bieber. The father of the family starts to shout asking why this poster is there. Suddenly the eldest son starts to cry and confesses that the poster is his and he is a big fan.
The family go mental and this is my chance during the ensuring commotion to hastily put the cooker back together, charge £75 and do one.
If you do have any cooker issues I highly recommend getting a qualified service engineer.

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