Sunday, 6 November 2011

Air fresheners and floating computers

I'm in a house and appear to be cleaning it. Not my house and in every room someone is sleeping. I notice on the drive as I enter that there is an old American car, red and not in any fit state to drive.
In the house every single plug socket has a plug in air freshener in it. I ask a teenager in one of the beds why no one gets up and he tells me because he can't plug his alarm clock in as there are no available sockets.
I then leave the house and the red car has gone from the drive, I then spend what seems like an age attempting to go on a driving course but can't find the instructor or the location of it.
Next thing I'm walking down the street with my wife and her parents. My mother in law wants me to check something on my computer so I proceed to do so as I have a mobile one. When I say mobile, it's a full size desk PC but floats in the air in front of me, thus enabling me to type as I walk. I'm not sure it would catch on, I can see all sorts of problems with logistics, where do you plug it in? Not in that house I was in that's for sure and can you imagine the length of the cable!

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