Thursday, 27 November 2014

Zombie mannequins

Sat at work getting ready for a shiftz, I was on the phone informing someone that I was taking a van out and that four of us would be working together. I was going to be with, Anne, Matt and Kallum but when asked their names I'd completely forgotten. 

I had to walk around the room and look at their name badges to remember who they were, which was embarrassing because I know them all very well. 

Once out and about in the van, I parked up to go and look at a house that was for sale, leaving the three in the van outside. 
I approached the house which had an American style porch. 

The front door crashed open and hundreds of shop manaquins flew through the air towards me. They were naked except for black and white stripes around their wrists and ankles. 

I immediately pulled out a pistol and started shooting them to no effect. I tried to call my colleagues but again forgot their names! A manaquin started to eat my face and as it did, the stripes increased and began to cover its entire body. 

The dummy's face turned into a zombie with dripping blood from its mouth. I screamed for help and my three colleagues just ignored me in retaliation for me forgetting their names. 


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Shit coach

I was on a coach as a passenger, not sure of my destination, the driver was work colleague Nigel. The road was busy and we were at a standstill, Nigel told me we were waiting for two more passengers and asked me to ring them. 

I made a phone call and was explaining directions to a female about walking through an alley to locate the coach. As I continued with my directions, a group of men stood in front of the coach. They all looked simular, their hair was shaved at the sides and they all had Irish accents. 

Each one of them were carrying plastic buckets, as I talked on the phone they started scooping the contents from the buckets and smearing it all over the windows of the coach. Much to the disgust of Nigel, they were using excrement. Not sure from who or what it came from but it was big. 
Nigel got out of the coach and angrily chased off the men down the street. 

Lastly I was sat at a table with work supervisor Nick and a bald man I didn't recognise. I was explaining that my wife had arranged a party for me but they wouldn't be able to attend as they would be working. As I looked at the guy I didn't know, he smiled and I saw that it was my friend and colleague, Claire. She was dressed as a man and had shaved her head. 


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Barry Island

A welcome return to my dream last night to the Chuckle Brothers, Barry and Paul. I was following them along a street as they discussed their latest movie which was called Barry Island. Paul rightly questioned as to why it was named after his brother and not him. 

The conversation of course got into a 'To you, to me', exchange as they walked off along the road. I stopped following them and headed off laughing. 

I was then opening my fridge and found it was full of frozen chicken eggs. I began to count them and found that there were twenty. Odd but only the eggs were frozen and the rest of the contents wasn't.  


Monday, 24 November 2014

The singer

As I slept during the day again today, I thought I'd been asleep for hours but hadn't. I could hear a man singing, I couldn't make out the song but he seemed happy. I would drift in and out of sleep and occassionally hear the singer. 

After an age of listening to this I thought that it was actually coming from outside my house and wasn't a dream. After a check of the street I found it yo be completely void of anyone? 
Totally confused as to if it was real or not now! 


Sunday, 23 November 2014


I was being held captive in an underground facility, there were hundreds of us dressed in those white all in one scenes of crime suits. I was being hoarded in a large group like a sheep. 

Everyone, including myself were submissive and dutifully walked where we were told to go. Until I glanced down and noticed blood splatters on my sleeve. 

I seemed to come alive and upon seeing the blood, I smiled and manifested into TVs serial killer, Dexter. With this transformation, I set about planning my escape. 

I started singing, and slowly got others to join in, some playing instruments and some singing too. When I thought everyone was being entertained, I made my move. 

I walked over to a door and gave it a knock. It opened and I was outside in the daylight. A man, woman and child ushered me to a car. 

They were there to aid my escape but the child, a boy of about ten, started to play up about having to go on the lap belt on the back seat. 

As I got into the drivers seat, I turned from serial killer Dexter into my work colleauge, Matt. Getting into the car my trousers dropped exposing my arse crack.  


Saturday, 22 November 2014


I was going to leave the content black, as this was the state of my head today after a night shifz. 
Nothing at all but on the plus side I slept very well which is unusual for a day sleep. Bit of a comatose state if anything. 


Friday, 21 November 2014

X rated decorating

Other than meeting a woman I didn't know in a long corridor, the reminder of my dreaming was totally X rated. No complaints from me but sorry I'm not sharing those parts. 

The woman I bumped into had wallpapered the hallway in a black flock paper adorned with a gold floral pattern. It was horrible and she proudly stood before her work awaiting praise. 

The acknowledgment she so wanted for her decorating skills wasn't forthcoming from me and I left her without saying a word to continue the more sordid part of my dream. 


Thursday, 20 November 2014

Black jigsaw

Myself and my wife were attempting to do a jigsaw puzzle last night. I tipped the box upside down and all the pieces were black. Looking at the photo on the cover of the box, this was a black square. 

My wife suggested sorting all the edges out first, which was a start but the puzzle was virtually impossible and very boring. 

 I left the room and entered a school hall that had tables around the edges. On each table was a collection of hardware products such as bolts and screws. 


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Mouldy head

There were two separate parts to my dream last night, the first involved a dead body, a slight theme this week unfortunately. 

The body was that of a man, he was laying on a wooden table with his head flopped over the edge which made his mouth open. 

I decided I would try and push his head onto the table to give him a bit of dignity but when I touched it, I found that my fingers slipped through his skull like a very over ripe melon. 

The more I tried to take hold of it, the more it fell apart in my hands. I walked away with the head in pieces and my hands covered in gooey brains. 

Lastly in my mums back garden I was attempting to manoveoure a telegraph pole. It seemed way bigger than normal and I successfully managed to wedge it into next doors fence. 


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Planet of the apes

I was I long corridor, it was dimly lit and the walls were black. At various points along the corridor were people standing facing the walls. Some were on step ladders. 

They were all either drawing or painting on the walls with brushes or crayons. Everyone was creating various characters or scenes from the original Planet of Apes movie. 

They were extremely detailed and intricate works of art and when finished I could see would all join together to make a massive display dedicated to the film. 

Lastly I found a ladder outside in a field. When I stepped on the bottom run, it lifted into the air and started flying across the field. I hung on and enjoyed the ride. 


Monday, 17 November 2014

Kill streak

Bit of a blood bath last night where I was just walking around shooting people. Anyone I saw got a bullet. I seemed to be doing this for hours until I saw my work colleague known as ghost. 

Ghost held his hand up in a motion tostop me firing at him and I lowered my gun. Ghost just said to me, "The war is over, stop killing everyone". 


Sunday, 16 November 2014


With my wife I were outside a club waiting to get in. The club was in fact an old shop that used to be at the local shops near to my mums house and had been converted into a makeshift venue. I had ladies black high heel shoes on as my wife had told me I had to have shoes on to get in. 

We entered the club and it was a ramshackle place that was in effect, a corridor that led to a big empty room. Various people stood around the outside of the room, there was no music. A big muscular man started talking to us, he stated he was gay and had been with his partner for 16 years. 

I noticed my good friend Martin come into the room and do left my wife with the man to chat to him. As I stood there I felt a sharp pain my neck, I looked to see that I had a blow dart stuck in me. An elderly man in a suit was laughing at me. 

I pulled out the dart, walked over to the old man and stuck it into has face, he passed out. Whén I looked around, My wife and the gay man had vanished. I exited by the door that led into the corridor and as I did a side door opened and my wife came out laughing. 

I peered into the room and saw the gay man naked and giggling, there was no one else in the room. Not happy with this I immediately stabbed him in the heart and held the blade as I watched the life drain from his face and then dropped his corpse to the floor. 

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