Friday, 4 September 2015


Standing on the top of a cliff, I was with my older sister. We both had parachutes on and we're going to jump, my sister was absolutely petrified. I helped her to the edge and gave her encouragement, saying everything was fine and it was great fun. 

Eventually I watched her jump off and I followed behind her, both our parachutes opened and we safely landed below. Then before we could gather ourselves together, we were both on top of the cliff again. 
I saw a man run at speed towards the edge of the cliff and leap off. 

I asked my sister if she wanted to go next or if I should. She told me to go and I started running. I raised up my arms, jumped off and waited for my chute to open. I was plummeting fast and nothing was happening, the ground was rushing towards me. 

I shouted out, "Don't die, don't die, don't die". I then thought to myself, if this is real I'm dead, if it's a dream I can escape. I opened my eyes the second before impact and found myself in bed. My heart was racing but I was alive. 


Thursday, 3 September 2015


Very simple dream with a single image last night. I walked past a table that had an ashtray on it. It was full of cigarette butts and ash, one was slightly smouldering emitting its deadly poison. 

I looked at it with disgust and made a face to further show my displeasure at being exposed to the sight and smell from it. I looked around to see who was responsible for it but the area was empty. 

I couldn't work out if I was in a room or outside, there didn't seem to be anything I could focus on. There was just a haze, a bit like a fog.   


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The heavyweight champ

Last night started off with me looking a two rival forgien politicians debating on a TV show. I was convinced that the man was the better candidate and the woman was rubbish. I had come to this conclusion without even understanding what they were saying. 

As the debate finished the man walked out of the TV and sat next to me, he then spoke in English, "Thanks for picking me, I'm now going to introduce a dictatorship and kill that bitch and all of her followers". I had the distinct feeling, I'd made a huge mistake. 

I was next sleeping rough in a derelict house, sat on the stairs, halfway up. It was cold and the house looked as if it had been destroyed by fire. It wasn't until another homeless person passed me going up to the first bedroom, that I realised it was my mums house. 

I ran up after the person and head them off just as they were going into what was my bedroom during my childhood. I stood in the doorway and just said, "You are not going in there, it's mine!"  

I was next at work and was totally annoyed that everyone was sat in front of the TV watching soap operas. Everyone was transfixed and it infuriated me. 

Lastly I was at a boxing match and sat ringside waiting for the main event. The first boxer came out and started jumping around the ring. To my amazement it was Mike a supervisor from work. He looked incredible, like Silvester Stalone in his Rocky days. 

His apponant entered the ring and in stark contrast he was about 60 years old, 5 feet tall and fat. He was also wearing a suit and glasses. I shouted out that I could beat him and thought it was a total fix. 

The bell rang to start the round and Mike danced around the little man, he gave him a right hook, his glasses flew off and he was out cold. He not surprisingly didn't make the count. The referee raised Mike's arm and pronounced him heavyweight champion of the World.  


Monday, 31 August 2015

Interactive movie

I was with my good friend Matt and we were watching a movie, it wasn't that interesting and involved a moody looking guy who was trying to talk to his teenage daughter. Matt was happy enough, it was a film after all and that makes him happy. 

I noticed the guy in the film was trying to rescue another teenage girl from something, I wasn't that bothered, I wasn't until I found that I was actually in the movie and the guy got me to carry the girl while his daughter held his hand. We all got into a car. 

The car was a low sports car and I was in the back with the other three in the front, there were two passenger seats in the front. As I looked into the front of the car, I could see the closing titles to the film rolling down the windscreen. 

I turned around and looked out of the back window, in the distance I could see Matt looking very puzzled. I shrugged my shoulders at him and he shouted, "There's a second film out next year". This seemed to make sense. 


Sunday, 30 August 2015

Rent a whore

I had an enterprise going on last night, I was earning hard cash by renting out rooms for prostitution. I wasn't supplying the whores, that was the responsibility of the people renting the room. I was making sure the rooms were ready and then went outside. 

I was approached by my work supervisor, Derren who was using my facilities. I noticed he was being followed by two black men in suits. As they got behind Derren I calmly walked up behind them and shot them both in the back of their heads with a pistol. They dropped dead instantly. 

Derren looked very shocked at this and was about to run away. I said to him, 'I'll tidy this, you carry on with your business.'
Derren continued and was followed into a room by a blonde woman in high heels and a short skirt. 


Saturday, 29 August 2015

Ear today

Quite simple last nights dreaming. My right ear exploded and the shock of it woke me up. After a quick check to find it still on my head, I went back to sleep again. 

Just before morning, it happened again, the right ear went with a bang, catapulting across the room and dragging me out of my sleep. 


Friday, 28 August 2015

Always the last to know

So you're in love with someone else
Someone who burns within your soul
And it looks like I am the last to know
I hear you've never felt so alive
So much desire beyond control
And as usual I am the last to know

The 1992 song from Del amitri is all I have floating around in my head this morning.  Annoying. 


Thursday, 27 August 2015

Ass kicking

I was at work and my colleague, Danger was sat at a table oppersite me, I'd sent him an e mail, mainly because I didn't want to talk to him. He stood up and shouted across the room basically questioning why I just didn't talk to him instead. 

When he stood up, he didn't have his glasses on and looked so different that I was doubting if it was actually him. As I looked at him, I could see his lips moving but could hear him. 

I then left the room and ran up a set of wooden stairs, they were very loud as I assented them. I needed the toilet, fairly desperately that I ran as fast as I could. I pushed open the toilet door, stood at a urinal and just as I was about to releive myself, a lad pushed me. 

I moved across the room and nearly started to pee on myself. I looked around and the lad had a smile on his face, very pleased with his prank. I, on the other hand, wasn't impressed. I then set about beating him to a pulp. I gave him such a kicking, he was left lifeless and bleeding on the toilet floor. 

I then woke up needing the toilet. 


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Pooh pick flick

Making up for the previous nights absence of dreams, last night felt longer than the Lord of the rings trilogy. I have actually woke up with a headache this morning. 

Starting off I was in a field with my horses, not their usual paddock and it had a brick wall surrounding it. I was walking around pooh picking, which is as it sounds, me removing the field of horse pooh. I only had a long handled scoop and no barrow. 

Every time I collected up some horse pooh, I expertly flicked it from the centre of the field and over the wall. I did this for ages never missing. 

I was next near to a weir with small children standing on the rapidly flowing water as if they were standing on a solid floor. They laughed and played happily, never losing balance or getting wet. 

I was next in my mums kitchen, but how it used to be years ago, with a pantry and narrow galley style. Packed into the room with me were my wife and friends Lou and Sally. I was trying to make a sandwich whilst Lou and Sally were preparing for a dinner party. 

At the end of the kitchen was a huge dining table, I looked at it and wondered how it fitted into mums kitchen and then realised the wall had been taken down and the bathroom removed to accommodate the table. 

I tried to sit at the table but Lou shouted at me to get out because her guests were arriving soon. I stepped out into the garden and noticed what I can only describe as a poorly home made conservatory. It didn't have a roof and the wooden frame was coming away from the wall. 

Sally popped out from the kitchen and placed a grey parrot onto my shoulder, she then jumped up and gripped the conservatory roof bar and began swinging on it like she was an Olympic gymnastics star. 
The frame instantly collapsed and the conservatory was destroyed. 

From this I was sat in a very narrow room at the back of a sweet shop. The shop owner was attempting to copy some CCTV for us, he wasn't succeeding. While we waited, we helped ourselves to his sweets. 

I looked around and where there had previously been a wall directly behind me, there was now a theatre. Rows of seats panned out before me, leading to a stage, the lights came on and the audience applauded. 

When I focused on the stage, I saw that it was my mums kitchen with Lou and Sally sat at the dining table entertaining guests for dinner. 


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Sound affects

Nothing other than some strange noises as I drifted to sleep last night, all of which turned out to be from my wife finding sound effects on Google. With the sole intention of trying to amuse herself by attempting to influence my dreams. 

It failed anyway, I woke up to my dog asking to be let out for a wee. I slept the entire night, dream free, sometimes it happens and it give my brain a rest for once. 


Monday, 24 August 2015

Electric teenagers

Along with my wife I was in a street square with a massive open space in the centre. Sat in the middle of this was Cameron my step Grandson, he pushed down a huge handle. 

When he did this it caused an electrical spark that shot along the floor like a bolt of lightning and hit the buildings at the far end of the square. 

The sparks shot up the walls and back down to the floor. They multiplied and hundreds of blue sparks headed out along the ground, hitting people standing in the street. 

As they were hit by the electrical sparks, they all turned into children. We watched the sparks heading at us but were unable to move fast enough. We were hit and changed into teenagers. 

As we walked into the street, my wife was excited as she saw her old school friends. I was upset because I had grown up somewhere else and knew no one. I saw Cameron who was now a little boy again. 

I said hello to him but he didn't know me, I told him he will meet me later in life. As I watched everyone meeting old friends and hugging the sudden realisation that I was about 14 again hit me. 

I thought that my dad would be alive and I'd get to see him again. I burst into tears, happy tears of joy. My wife asked me what was wrong. I told her and we hugged. 

I woke up at this point and I was actually crying. Then I realised that I wouldn't be seeing my dad. 
I miss him. 

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