Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Knights in white satin

Back on working nights which means very little sleep and hardly any dreaming. 
I did however wake with the awesome 'Knights in white satin' in my head. A classic song from The Moody blues back in 1967. 

Gazing at people, some hand in hand
Just what I'm going through, they can't understand
Some try to tell me, thoughts they cannot defend
Just what you want to be you will be in the end


Monday, 29 September 2014

Cross dressing killer

Back to normal last night. When I say normal, I was in my mum's bedroom trying on bras. There was a  huge pile off them on the floor and I was trying each one on in turn. I opened the wardrobe and saw a man's long overcoat and thought that would look nice over the bra I had on. 

I slipped the coat on and was then aware of a man standing next to me, he told me to take the coat off as he wanted it. He produced a knife and showed it to me in a threatening manner. I moved close up to the man and stabbed him in the top of his leg and held the blade in place. 

We suddenly transported from my mum's room into the street with lots of people around us. I very calmly said to the man, "The knife is in your femoral artery, you are a dying". I then picked up my phone called the police and as I watched the life bleed out of the man, told them I'd seen a man collapse in the street. 

As the man's lifeless corpse hit the floor I calmly walked away, turning a corner I picked up a motorcycle helmet and jumped on a bike, roaring away. 
I was then in a basement that was a public house, the bartender opened a door under the bar and lifted out a pair of rubber gloves and handed them to me. 


Sunday, 28 September 2014


Utterly unpredicted in my world I had a very sleepless night. There are various events happening in my life at the moment and a lot of them took place in one day. Nothing horrible, in fact all exciting. Hence I was like a child on Christmas Eve night. 

As long as I calm down tonight, normal service will be resumed. 



Saturday, 27 September 2014

Bicycle bash

I was on a bicycle, sat on the handlebars was my mum, dad and dog Humbug. As I approached a building site my dad called out to stop. He jumped off and said he was off to work and then vanished before my eyes. 

Upset by this I continued to cycle but kept looking back in an attempt to see my dad. Clearly not paying attention to the road, I ran into a small black boy. 

In a mangle of bodies and bike, I stood up unharmed. I looked back at my mum and she couldn't get up as she was injured. I scooped up my dog and he was also hurt. 

I walked around helplessly not knowing what to do and started to cry. The boy got up and walked away without speaking. 


Friday, 26 September 2014

Chicken soup

A little confusing last night as I jumped around from one image to another. The first scene started off at work but switched to a school classroom. 

I walked into what looked like the head masters office to see my work supervisor, Adam with his feet up on the desk. 
On the end of the desk was a tin of Campbell's chicken soup. 

I headed towards the soup stretching out my hand to grab it. Just as I was within touching distance, Adam deliberately kicked it off the table and laughed. 

I then was back at work and holding a packet of Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles. I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my work colleague, Scott. 

As I saw him walk in I rushed up to him like an excited child and handed him the sweets. He was very happy at this. 


Thursday, 25 September 2014

The wonder stuff

I had invented a magical potion, a miracle elixir. It took on two forms, it could be sprayed as a gas or injected, both having different results. I was within an armoured tank sat in a large room in the dark. Just my eyes were visable at the top, as I carefully checked my view. 

A voice shouted out for me to hand over my potion. I fired serveral shots from the tanks gun which hit people with a gas containing the potion. They immediately dropped to the floor. Once I was sure no one was awake I got out of the tank. 

I then set about walking amoungst people who I would randomly stick a dart into, the potion would rush through their bloodstream and instantly change them. Once inside them it would make them happy, carefree and give them hope and determination to change their lives for a brighter future. 

Anyone doubting my potion would get it in the gas form which dropped them to the floor instantly, I don't think it killed them, but nobody got up from it again. I spent my entire dream dispensing my magic potion in these two ways. 


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The building site challenge

My initial dream involved work colleague, well not her exactly, I was looking at a calendar and she was the photo above each month. They were all tastefully taken shoots of her in various poses but she was naked in them all. 

Nothing was revealed and they were carefully positioned to be classy and not tacky. When I had finished looking at the calendar my wife told me about her dream. I realised that I was still dreaming, but talking about a dream that she had had. 

Next I was on a building site, I was at first in a classroom which had kiwi and lemon plants growing out of the floor. A man was standing up front and showing various obscure stuffed animals. 

I managed to guess them every time and was presented a sack which contained my prize. I was just about to look in the sack when I was suddenly running about on the building site and I was lost. 


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Onion horse

I began last night by grooming a horse, not sure who's horse it was but it wasn't mine. I had a large plastic container which was full of chopped onions in water. After a short time in the water, they had become soft. I then proceeded to use them to plait the horses mane. I mixed it up a bit too by breaking up a red pepper into the onions to give it a dash of colour. 

I was next walking towards a house carrying a cricket bat. I heard a helicopter overhead and looked up to see it directly above a lamppost. It had a camera pointing it. On the floor around the lamppost were dozens of dead rats. 

I continued to the house and booted open the front door, I ran at a table and smashed the cricket bat onto the wooden surface, breaking the table in half. I then ran upstairs, kicked open another door and ran in. Sat on a bed was actor Aaron Paul. 

Aaron looked up at me, he could see the cricket bat I was holding and didn't seem at all worried. I raised it above my head and bought it down with a loud crack on his head. He didn't flinch and looked slightly smug. 

As I turned to leave the room, I dropped the cricket bat on the floor and thought about poisoning him instead. As I tried to work out how to do this I awoke from my slumber. 


Monday, 22 September 2014

Poker face

There were various events going on around me, lots of people, cars, planes and general noise. All of which I didn't even seem to acknowledge, I had an expressionless look on my face and I was starring straight ahead. 

No matter what went on around me, my stance and expression remained unmoved. That is all I can remember of my dream, 


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Rope chair

In stark contrast to last night, I began by dreaming that I was at a BBQ. It was summer and I was wandering in and out of the house and garden and trying to find someone I knew. As I approached people it became very apparent that everyone was Polish. 

I not only didn't know a single person there but couldn't understand anyone either. Eventually I decided that I'd leave and walked out of the garden into the playground of my old senior school. As I looked around at it, my friend Geoff walked up to me. He didn't speak but just smiled and walked on. 

Next I was with my wife in my Nan's old house. We were both on the ceiling looking down at the floor. We appeared to be just floating. My wife then started to tie some rope up onto hooks that were in the ceiling. 

Whén she had finished, there was an elaborate hanging chair. It was made from timber and the rope was through it connecting the pieces. It had about four or five seats in it and resembled a tree house. We both sat on a seat and gently swung back and forth.  

Next I was on a beech below a huge cliff, looking up at it. As I admired its slender I noticed two boys on bikes. They were part way up the cliff on a ledge and were spray painting graffiti onto the cliff. 
Enraged by this I ran up and grabbed hold of them. 

As I did this I suddenly changed locations and found that we were in a hospital corridor. A door opened and a doctor in a white coat approached us. I explained to him what the boys had been doing and the doctor started crying. 

He told me not to be harsh on them as they were both dying and that I should let them go. I told the boys to go, feeling bad about having grabbed them. As they got out of reach they both turned around and gave me the 'V' sign!

Finally I was in bed and I opened my eyes and saw my work colleague Richy in the room. He was getting dressed. He told me to get back to sleep, as I drifted off I noticed that he had dressed himself in a schoolboys uniform. He had shorts on and a cap like an old sytle kid from the 1950's. 
He flicked the light off and the room plunged into darkness. 


Saturday, 20 September 2014


One of those very rare occasions were I have woken up with no recollection of any dreaming at all. A total blank. It does happen. 

Quite refreshing actually. I'm sure it won't last. 


Friday, 19 September 2014


Had a back strain recently and when I crawled into bed in the early hours of this morning, my back was feeling the strain. 

My dream consisted of me being in a doctors surgery and a doctor and nurse instructed me to lay on my front. They lifted up my top and started to clean my back with a disinfectant wipe. 

They then chatted casually to me as they made a massive long cut with a knife and proceeded to remove parts of my back. 

I'm guessing the discomfort from my back pain was manifesting into my dream, with the somewhat amateur operation being performed upon me. 

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