Monday, 1 September 2014

Billy Scott burglar

I was taking a written test that involved some maths questions also. I was getting very frustrated as I normally do with any kind of exam. I hadn't been able to complete it in time and a man snatched my paper from me while I was still writing. 

He held it up and laughed, saying I couldn't spell and his five year old child could do better. I could feel a mix of anger and embarrassment boiling up in me. I was either going to hit him or just run away from the situation. In the end, my dream changed to another scene and I was very glad of it. 

I was in a house and saw someone tip toeing around ahead of me. He had on a black eye mask, a black and white vertical striped top on and was carrying a large sack with the word 'Swag' on it. A stereotypical burglar. 

I crept behind him and put my hand on his shoulder and shouted, "Got ya!"  A very startled Scott from work looked around at me. I was shocked and said I couldn't believe he was a burglar. Scott said, "I'm not a burglar, what makes you think that?" 



Sunday, 31 August 2014

Custard creams

A wall of custard cream biscuits in front of me. I could see nothing else, every corner of my vision was filled with the delightful treat. 


Saturday, 30 August 2014

Milk trees

Set in some vast field, that appeared to be inside, I was wandering around small trees that were planted in pots. As I walked around I wondered why the trees weren't planted in the ground. 

I rectified this by digging large holes everywhere in order to plant them. As I dug down I found that the holes were filled with milk. I popped the first tree into the milky hole, I looked around me at the task I had set myself. There were hundreds to plant!

Next I was in a shop and I had an empty cardboard box. I was walking around the store carrying this box in search of where to put it. I wanted to put it in the correct place in order to recycle it. 

I took some stairs onto the first floor and noticed a disabled man in a wheelchair, he was holding a cardboard box on his lap. I found a trolley that was full of cardboard, I broke down my box and placed it neatly on the pile. 

As I walked past the disabled man, he made eye contact with me and his face gave a look as if asking for help. I knew he wanted to recycle his box but I just smiled at him and walked away thinking to myself that he should look for himself. 


Friday, 29 August 2014

Stones of blood

All I have from today's sleep is a vision of stones, mainly gravell size with a few bigger stones mixed in. My entire view was of this and nothing else. 

As I focused on the stones the edges of my vision began to darken. They then moved inwards towards the centre of my view, making the whole scene darker. As I looked more intently, I saw that the dark mass moving into the centre was blood. 

It slowly ran from all corners of my vision into the centre until the entire view was blood red. As the last stone disappeared covered by the thick red blood, I woke up. 


Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Wall

Very briefly I rested my eyes and was confronted with a brick wall. I couldn't see above or around either  side of it, it filled my line of sight. 

Suddenly it started to move towards me, there was nowhere for me to move backwards and I starting to be crushed. I held up my hand and started to push as hard as I could to stop it from crushing me. 

The wall wasn't stopping and my arms were hurting at the force of the bricks pushing me. I then opened my eyes and was awake and out of the dream. My arms stretched out before me and my hands filled with pins and needles. 


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Wrinkled Irish

I was dreaming I was riding a horse, something I actually do when I'm awake. I was happily hacking around city streets and stopping at traffic lights. I rode over a bridge over a river and out into the countryside. 

This seemed to go on for what seemed like hours. I was very happy and relaxed and in a happy place. I came across an Irish woman, her accent was very strong and as I struggled to hear what she was saying my attention was drawn to her forehead. 

It was extreamly wrinkled but appeared to have an independence of its own and moved as if it was a seperate part of her body. Such was my fascination with her head, that I totally missed what she was saying to me. 


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Not a thing

Night shiftz again and as a result I have had little sleep and no brain output. 

The dog kicking off at the postman didn't help matters! 


Monday, 25 August 2014

In your face

I was with another person that I didn't know. One of those occasions when I can see them standing next to me but can't see their face. This man seemed to know me well and together we opened a door into a building. 

As we stepped into the room, the floor disappeared beneath our feet and we plummeted down a huge slide. Twisting and turning as the slide descended what felt like hundreds of feet into the ground. We finally hit the floor with a bump inside a small empty room. 

We stood up unharmed, walked over to a door on the far wall and opened it. It led straight outside to a building plot. There was a large drop from the door and we both looked out at the vast empty site. I said, "Looks like this ride needs a bit more work to finish it". 

Next I was talking to someone that I couldn't see, I could hear the voice of a man asking me if I wanted the job on the local radio station or would I like the Radio One DJ job. I opted for the Radio One position then instantly regreted my decision, thinking that I'd hate the publicity. 

I was then trying to cut my own hair with electric clippers. I have fairly short hair and so only needed a trim. Every time I ran the clippers over my head, my hair grew around two feet in length. I kept trying to cut it and ended up with a full head of hair down to my shoulders. 

Lastly I was in a bar for a someone's celebration, not sure if it was birthday or an anniversary. Lots of us had gathered including my good friend Matt. Everyone was given a glass of champagne to make a toast. 

Matt started to moan that he hated champagne and pulled a face like a spoilt child. I just told him to pretend to drink it for the toast so as not to seem rude. The toast was made and Matt lifted his glass and threw the drink directly in my face. Cheers mate! 


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Drink driving & fish

In the street, I was with my friend and colleague Kim, we were standing next to a white van. It was early in the morning and Kim was very drunk. She told me that she had driven to work and really needed to sober up before the bosses found out. 

I opened a door to a house and we entered into a living room where the family of our colleague, Indie were all sat around a table. They greeted us and gave us food. Kim sat on the sofa and promptly fell asleep. 

Lastly I was with my wife and she challenged me to a running race up a very steep hill. I accepted and we started off up the slope. I managed to keep ahead of her but when I glanced down at the pavement, I could see fish on the floor. 

They were wet as if just out of water and looked like cat fish, in that they were flat on their underside with whiskers. I then started running awkwardly to avoid standing on them.  We reached the top of the hill and I was still just ahead of my wife when I saw a very large set of moving stairs. 

I stood and looked at the escalator, searching for more fish when my wife ran past me laughing that she had beaten me to the top. 


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Kung Fu extravaganza

I was in a big house, my two children had returned home from school, (I don't really have any). As soon as they arrived I instructed them to quickly go into their rooms, collect anything that they valued and then come back to me. 

They promptly did this and returned clutching a handful of toys and books. I opened up a secret door in the floor which led to a vast underground warehouse. Sections of the warehouse were made into different areas. One was a complete sweet shop, with shelves full of jars of candy. 

There were shops, restaurants and rooms, everything we could possibly need. I told the children that there was no going back to our old lives and we were here for good. They stood and stared in wonder at the vastness of the place. 

I then clicked my fingers and the song, Kung Fu fighting started playing. Suddenly hundreds of people appeared and began to dance in time to the music like a flash mob. I sang out loud the words as I swayed from left to right clicking my fingers in time with the music and busting out martial arts moves. 

It was like a massive musical production on stage, hundreds of people singing and dancing in time. It seemed like a camera filming the whole scene, panned out and up towards the ceiling. Looking down at the extravaganza, the mass of dancing people was amazing. I woke singing Fung Fu fighting this morning. 



Friday, 22 August 2014

Knitted fence

The initial part of my dream involved me being on an underground train. I was somewhat confused and was wandering around the train carrage. 

I kept reaching seats and doors, would stop and just stare at them with a very perplexed look on my face. That went on for some time. 

I was next on a garden, an unknown garden that I didn't recognise. 
I saw my neighbour John who was standing the other side to a low dividing fence. 

I walked over to him and started chatting. As we talked, John started to make a trellis on top of the fence. He did this using knitting needles. 

The trellis was made from wicker and was very impressive. It took him minutes to construct and was intricate in detail. I was very impressed and as John tied off the final part of the trellis, I stood back and commented on it's splendour. 


Thursday, 21 August 2014


Just a brief visual part to last night and another classic song from the music vault in my head. 
I'd gone out to drive my car and found that my number plates had been stolen. On closer inspection they were actually still on the car but were blank. 

When Jesamine goes a part of me knows
I'm not really living
A butterfly child so free and so wild
And so full of living

The 1968 song from the Casuals, Jesamine. 

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