Monday, 12 October 2015

Land Rover Tardis

I had stepped into an old Land Rover that was parked at the side of the road. To my surprise when I shut the door, it was huge. Inside was a double bed, a single bed, wardrobes and a full kitchen. A husband and wife smiled and greeted me. 

From under the covers of the single bed, a teenage boy popped out his head and said hello. The lad had a mobile phone, tablet and several other mobile devices. The husband proudly showed me around the Land Rover and it was the size of a small house. 

I thanked them for the tour and stepped back into the street. I wasn't where I was when I entered. I didn't recognise the area and I was sure the Land Rover hadn't moved. As I took in the strange surroundings, I turned back the the Land Rover to ask what had happened. It was gone. 


Sunday, 11 October 2015

Car fire

Almost forgot to post last nights dream! 
Apart from dreaming I was going to the toilet, there wasn't much to it. Thankfully I didn't and never have wet the bed. 

I was in the street and saw two cars that were well ablaze, flames were leaping high into the air from them. Out from behind one of the cars, appeared my wife who was aiming a hose at the cars to extinguish them. She looked up smiled and waved at me. 

I entered a house and climbed upstairs and went into a living room. Sat in the room were two Irish men. Neither if them spoke but I instinctively knew they were from Ireland. The room was completely empty apart from two white upturned plastic buckets that the men were sat on. 


Saturday, 10 October 2015

White tiger

It was dark and I could see a large car, sat in the drivers seat was a man pretending to be Harrison Ford. He looked a little like the famous actor but was clearly not him. Behind him in the rear seats of the car was a giant white tiger, it's head filled the back seat. 

The rest of the tiger was in the boot with his tail hanging out behind the car. Harrison Ford look a like hit the accelerator and the car took off into the air. It was flying like a jet fighter plane, the tail of the tiger was waving behind the car. 

Then flashing white lights started to appear around the car and it zoomed through time and space. Harrison gave out a whoop as he hit the sound barrier and went back in time. He landed the car still in darkness and got out. 

When he lifted the boot to release the giant tiger it was gone. Just its tail remained hanging from the boot of the car. Harrison started to cry. 


Friday, 9 October 2015

Dolls house

I was watching Shaz from work playing with a dolls house, it was very big and had a lot of finely carved miniature furniture inside the rooms. 

Shaz was playing as if he was a small child and happily talked to the small people figures as he placed them in various rooms. One of the figures was an exact replica of singer, Paul Weller. 

Next I was creeping through an old house and walked along a long dark hallway. At the end of the hallway was a closed door. I opened the door and entered the room, either side of the door just inside the room were two single beds. 

In the left bed was friend and work colleague, Sarah, on the right a female I didn't know. Sarah jumped up startled by my presence and said, "Oh god you frightened the life out of me!"  


Thursday, 8 October 2015

Ginger clowns, top hats & naked McDonalds

To begin with as I shut my eyes I saw a group of white faced clowns with bright ginger hair. They had a very sinister look on their faces and made me shout out, "Ginger clowns!"  I then heard a voice whisper, "I can see them too!"  Thanks to my wife for that self entertainment. 

When I went back to sleep I was sat in a studio audience watching a show. In the seat in front of me was a giant top hat. It was sat as if it was a person and was bent in the middle to fit in the seat. It started to laugh and was really enjoying the show. 

Apparently I was shouting out " 9 O'Clock" but I have no memory of this. 

Lastly and most worryingly, I walked into a McDonalds and all of the staff were naked. I was about to order when I saw that one of them was Darren from work. I could only see his nude top half as he was behind the counter, but I didn't stick around any longer. No offence Darren. 


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Cider & sex

Last night I was in a cellar, or basement, dependant on where you are from. I had set it up for making cider and had industrial size machinery with pipes and buckets bubbling away. Standing in the doorway was village resident, Michael and he was very inquisitive as to what I was doing. 
I then proceeded to take him on a tour of the production line, Michael as a former engineer was very impressed with my set up and wished me luck in my venture. 

The second part of my dreaming is totally X rated and is not for plublication. Sorry. 


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

De Niro rollercoaster

Not sure why but there was no sound in my dream, it was visual but seemed to have been muted. I was on a rollercoaster in the front carriage. With me were acting legends, Robert De Niro and Jim Carey. 

We were all standing up and waving our hands in the air as the rollercoaster dipped and looped, some how we managed not to fall out. I could see Jim mouthing something to me but as I said the dream was in total silence. Then suddenly, Jim completely vanished into thin air. 

I looked over at De Niro who was smirking at me, looking fairly menacing too. I took exception at this and grabbed him from behind, placing both my arms around his waist. I picked him up and dumped him over the edge of the carriage. 

He silently dropped out of sight to an almost certain death. I sat down and continued the ride, smiling to myself. 


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Secret field

Last night I dreamt I was tending to my horses in their field. I was walking along the fence line and noticed some overhanging bushes. I parted them and what is normally a neighbours garden, was a huge grazing paddock. 

I looked and saw it was empty, wondering if I could rent it for extra grazing for my horses. I then sensed someone standing to my left but slightly behind me so I couldn't see them. A man's voice said, "The people next door own that, it could be yours for the right price". 


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Land Rover & cobwebs

An uncomfortable nights sleep for me due to illness but my brain was still dreaming. 
I was watching a man in an old army Land Rover who was driving off road to show off its capabilities. The four wheel drive vehicle was green but as it assented a large hill, it changed colour and then appearance. 

It turned the colour of desert sand and then changed into an American Style truck. As it did this, both its front tyres exploded, sending rubber everywhere. As it reache the top oft the he hill, it's rear tyres exploded too and it came to a stop. 

From looking at this I was then in my man cave in the garden. Water was running inside from the roof and flooding the floor. I just looked on in horror at all and f the contents becoming ruined, thinking there was nothing I could do. 

Lastly I was inside my house and looking up at the ceiling. I don't think that I moved in all three parts of my dream and I remained still whilst the settings changed around me. I could see that the ceiling was covered in cobwebs. 

It was excessive amounts, like you see in horror movies and it looked as if I handed cleaned the house in years. I was upset at seeing this as I didn't seem to be able to move and therefore couldn't do anything about it. 



Friday, 2 October 2015

Secret file

Very brief, I was sat in bed looking on my laptop at pictures that I had taken. As I went through the folders, I found one with a padlock on it. I clicked on the folder and it came up saying it was private and was password protected. 

This I thought was odd as no one else has access to my photography pictures. I put in the first thing that came into my head, which was gooseberries. This to my surprise opened the file, inside it was full of naked females! 

There are times when I wake up at inconvenient times, this was one of them, I attempted to go back to sleep and continue where I left off but no luck.  


Thursday, 1 October 2015

Mad Barrie & horseback tennis

I was in partacabin that was stacked on top of another one, it had been made into some kind of makeshift office. I was chatting with work colleague Barrie, was was laughing and joking with me as he usually does at work. 

A guy I didn't recognise walked in and approached Barrie, he whispered something into his ear. Barrie's mood changed dramatically and he looked at me as if he wanted to kill me. I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he knew that I had grassed him up to the bosses for something. 

I pleaded my innocence and denighed any wrong doing. Barrie just wouldn't believe me and the guy that had entered looked at me smiling. Barrie said, "This guy saw you grass". I just replied, "Oh bugger". 

I was next playing tennis with a woman, she had long blonde hair but I didn't know her. She was on horseback and I thought this should work to my advantage. I served and hit it straight into the net, my next service did similar and when I did get it over the net, it fell short. 

The woman laughing at my lack of tennis of skills, soon stopped when her horse bolted and jumped the permimiter fence dumping her on the floor. I smiled to myself and walked away. 

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